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A little about Highland Lakes Web Pages...

We have been designing web pages since April of 1996 and have designed hundreds of web pages. Our customers will tell you that they are getting very good results from our web pages.

How are we different...

Instead of being computer nerds trying to design web pages, we are experienced advertising people designing web pages. Most web pages are advertising.

We understand design, copywriting, marketing, advertising and the Internet. We know how to make a message easy to understand and we know how to feature the important points. We know what to do, and what not to do. This has helped us get far better results for our customers.

We have built up a network of over 100 web pages that brings viewers to our customers' web pages. We have spent several thousand hours building up this network for our customers' benefit. We do not just design a web page and put it on the Internet by itself. That is the "kiss of death" for a web page and no way to get results for your business. Let our network of web pages work for you.

Services we offer...

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Web Page Design

If you need a web page designed, we can design one that will get you results. If you have a web page that is not working well for you, we can redesign it to get better results.

Web Page Hosting

When we host your web page, we also bring customers to your web page from links on our other pages.

Web Page Links

If your web page is not getting good results, links from our web pages to yours will solve that problem quickly.

Our Network of Websites

Check out a sampling of the hundreds of web sites and thousands of individual web pages we've built over the years.

Let our 20+ years of web page experience and over 30+ years of advertising experience work for you. We can help your web page get solid results.

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We are a family business...

Hal and Carol Baumbach moved to the Highland Lakes area in the early 1988 and fell in love with the area. They started started in 1996, making it the very first tourist web site for the Highland Lakes area. Later, as the business grew, they brought their son, Ken, into the business.

Ken Baumbach has over 20 years experience building websites, having been a Web Technologist for Dell Computer Corporation and having run many award-winning websites including The Cheater's guild, winner of over 30 awards including the Yahoo Cool Site! award, and Themes Plus, winner of 12 awards including Web magazine's Editor's Choice award. Ken has an MBA and a BS degree (Summa cum Laude) in Information Systems.

Hal Baumbach has over 30 years of advertising experience. This experience includes being an Advertising Manager for a major department store chain, an Advertising Manager for a newspaper and two other publications, and president of an advertising agency. Hal has a BS degree in Business Administration and an AA Degree in Electronic Communication Technology.

Carol Baumbach is in charge of sales and helps in the copy writing and design. Carol has a BA Degree in Education which has been very useful in writing the web page copy. She loves to meet new people and enjoys visiting with the business owners and seeing their locations. She really loves seeing them increase their business with their new web pages. Copy writing is fun for her and she likes painting pictures with words. Carol is very popular with our customers and has made many friends in the business.