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Comments from some of our Customers:

Our web page paid for itself in the first 10 days it was up.  I got my first reservation from the web page within an hour of when you put it up. We receive comments daily telling us that we have a wonderful site.  From the time that you took our first phone call, your interest and expedience in preparing our web page was exceptional.   We are very pleased with the value and quality of our site.  Resort owner

I am very impressed when I look at the counter on the bottom of our web page. You've surely done a very good job for us. Thank you.  B&B Owner

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know I've already received 5 calls to book reservations in just a couple days.  Lake House Owner in the first two days the web page was up.

Response to my new website has been absolutely overwhelming.   I have easily turned down 75 people in addition to booking it everyday that we can't be there from Memorial Day through Labor Day.  I am definitely going up on my prices for next year.  Lake House Owner

I have got to raise my prices!  I am getting so many phone calls it is driving me nuts.  I am getting 30 to 35 calls a day.  Owner of Cabins For Rent

We have had people call from the Netherlands for a reservation at our cafe.  Cafe Owner

We feel that your web pages are worth their weight in gold.  Resort owner.

Our phone has been ringing off of the wall.  Thanks so much!  We are very pleased with our web page.   We appreciate your talent, professionalism, and friendliness.  It is great working with you. Resort Owner

This past weekend we got over 50 emails and 30 phone calls from people wanting to rent our lake home.   Owner of Lake Home For Rent.

"OH MY GOODNESS!!!  The website looks awesome!!! Thank you so much for getting it up and  going so quickly."  Owner of an RV Park 

"We love our web page! Great job----thanks! Overall, wonderful!"  Owner of a lake rental house.

"We feel this is the best advertising dollars we have spent."  Resort Owner

We immediately started getting calls & reservations & increased our revenue immediately and more than covered the small fee for the web page.  We are now getting people from Phoenix, New York City, Baton Rouge, Pensacola, Florida and even one from Sweden. Bed & Breakfast Inn Owner

We are now getting approximately 50% of our business from our web pages.  Resort Owner

My first reservation came 45 minutes after you put my web page up.  Cabins For Rent Owner

I didn't get one call from my web page with another service until you put links to my web page.  Now with the links on your web sites we are doing very well.  Realtor

We received two phone calls within 1 1/2 hours of when you put our web page on the Internet.  It is great!  Lake Rental House Owner.

My web page with you has been a blessing. Bed & Breakfast Inn Owner

It never fails to amaze me how much business I am getting from my links on your web sites.  Thank you! Owner of a Lake Rental House

Our web page went up late in the evening and our first reservation was booked at 10:00 am the following morning.   Lake House Owner

We got seven phone calls from the web page in one morning when our web page was up for only two days.  Lake House Owner

I am very happy with the results we are getting from our web page with you and I am renewing.  Lake House Owner

I have already taken in more than $19,000 in reservations this year and it is only the middle of May.  Lake House Owner

My web page is bringing me lots of rentals....Thanks to you!  Owner of Rental Cabin and Resort Rental House   (Her web page had been up for about 8 days when she wrote this note.)

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