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Web Page Hosting

There are several ways to have a web page hosted.  One way is have your web page with a small local server.  A second way is with a large server who has several thousand customers.  A better way is to have a network of web pages host your web page.

We give you free links....

When we host a web page, we offer free links on our network of web pages.  These links are what will make your web page successful.  We not only host your web page but we also bring customers to your web page.

We refer viewers to our customers....

We also refer a lot of our viewers to our web page customers.  We continually receive requests from our viewers for information on how they can find certain services and products.   We send these emails on to our customers.

You get viewers almost immediately from our links....

Quite often people contact us saying that they have a web page and they are getting no results at all.  We then put links to their web page on our sites and they almost immediately get results.  You will always get at least one link free when you host with us, and you can buy more links at reasonable prices if you need them.

When you host with us, we supply the customers, too....

If you are hosting your web page on a server which does not bring you business, you may be wasting your money.  We supply the viewers when you host with us.

Our prices for hosting a web page run from $27.50 per month and will bring you a lot more business because of the free links.

If you are not happy with how your web page is being hosted now, or your hosting company is not giving you viewers and customers, let us know and we will take a look at your web page to see if we can help you.

You can email us at: info@highlandlakes.com

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