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The Problem...

One of the biggest problems web page owners are now facing is getting exposure on the Internet.  It is becoming almost impossible to get good listings on the search engines.  The search engines are overloaded with requests from millions of web pages each year and can not keep up with it.  Many of them are now starting to charge for the listings.  Most people find that it takes months of registering their web pages over and over with the search engines to get any listings at all, and most search engines never list them.

Many of our web pages on our network have been on the Internet over 16 years and we established listings with the search engines while it was still possible to get good listings.  Those days are now past.

You can have a great web page, but unless people are finding your web page and contacting you for business, your web page is almost worthless to you.

There is a solution to this problem...

One of the easiest ways to get immediate success for your web page is to have us add links from our web sites to yours.  We have had people get customers within one to two hours after we added the link to their web page.

Our network of web pages....

We have a large network of over 100 web pages that you can add links on.  We have spent several thousand hours over the past 9 years designing this network of web sites to bring viewers for our customers' web pages.   Our network is so large that it funnels viewers from Touring U.S., Touring Texas, and thousands of links going to these sites.  Our stats show that over 6,000 web pages send viewers to our network of links.  It is really paying off for our customers.

We refer business to you....

We also refer a lot of our viewers to our web page customers.  We continually receive requests from our viewers for information on how they can find certain services and products.   We send these emails on to our customers.

A realtor contacted us because he had received no emails at all from his web page.   We added links from our web sites to his web page and within a couple of weeks he was getting an average of 8 emails a day from people interested in buying real estate.  

Other businesses have experienced the same kind of results with links with us. The price of the link varies depending on the web page the link is on.   You will find that the links pay for themselves in no time.

If you have a web page that needs exposure to bring you the business, contact us and we will look at your web page to see if we can help you.

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